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Train Shelf "Express to Fantasy" Pastel


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Bring a little magic to your nursery with this beautiful and fun Train Shelf "Express to Fantasy" in a pastel colourway. 

You can hang the train shelf ready to play for your kid and give him a practical and full of fantasy piece of furniture. Toys “boarding” the Express are always fun to put away. 

On the back of every shelf of the train there are 2 holes for hanging. The fitting hooks and dowels are also enclosed. The “Express to fantasy” can also be just put on the ground or table. The balloons on the last wagon can be easily removed.

  • Birch-plywood 10mm / 0,40 inch and ecological, non-toxic water based colour (the shelf can be normally cleaned, the colour does not fade)
  • Soft toys are not included.
  • Locomotive: 33 cm x 29 cm x 20 cm / inches: 13 x 11,4 x 7,87, Wagon Nr 1: 25 cm x 24 cm x 20 cm / inches: 9,84 x 9,44 x 7,87, Wagon No 2: 16 cm x 30 cm x 20 cm / inches: 6,3 x 11,81 x 7,87, Wagon No 3: 27,5 cm x 25 cm x 20 cm / inches: 10,7 x 9,84 x 7,87, Wagon No 4: 25,5 cm x 14,5 cm x 25 cm / inches: 9,9 x 9,5 x 7,87

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