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Unique Experience

At The Baby Service we help parents prepare for baby's arrival through a stress free, appointment only shopping experience. From a pushchair to a complete nursery or a Mother's hospital bag we take care of all of your needs. In addition to our services, we also have a list of trusted professionals from Maternity Nurses to Midwives on hand should parents like any recommendations.

Consultations take place at our comfortable and discreet showroom; where we carefully listen to each individual family's wishes and requirements, dedicating our time to ensure that only suitable products are recommended. We are here to help Mummies and Daddies each step of the way by continuously offering professional and practical advice.

My Story

Falling pregnant with our daughter Ava was the most exciting time for my husband and I. We spent the first three months blissfully basking in our little secret but then suddenly by the fourth month we were hit with a realisation of all that was needed for her arrival. From my own experience I learnt that preparing needed organisation and management, all of which was to be combined with a whirlwind of emotions that come with pregnancy!

I've created a place away from the hustle and bustle of department stores, a place where you can select and ask endless questions and not have to worry about missing something off the list. Now a proud Mummy to my two amazing girls, the importance of creating a safe, comfortable and inviting atmosphere is even more important to me. My experience has only strengthened my vision to create a place where you can be advised and purchase in confidence every time.

With a previous career in Marketing and PR my skill set came into play very quickly. I was lucky enough to combine the two things that I love, 1. Preparing for baby's arrival 2. The administration of organising and managing the process. I enjoy the challenge of making sure every experience is enjoyable and stress free. Now I'm able to provide a service that shares the feelings of anticipation, excitement and joy from expectant parents.

Trusted Advice

The experience begins with a walk through the showroom that is full of samples on display. We will advise on all the necessary products and also specifically recommend items that reflect the parent's wishes and needs. After all, everything that is purchased should not only be practical for baby but loved by Mum and Dad too!

Demonstrations of both car seats and pushchairs are presented at the consultation. With parking outside we will also offer to test whether the desired pushchair will fit into the parents' car boot, an important detail, which is often missed.

We are officially partnered with local Independent Midwives, allowing us to provide parents with professional advice along with items that have been approved by them. Teamed with our experience and passion for everything baby, both Mummy and Daddy can feel assured knowing that they are in good hands.

Our aim is to make this special moment the most enjoyable experience for expectant parents. Shopping for a baby should not be overwhelming, but exciting and we endeavour to make that possible.

Nursery Consultations - Personal Baby Shopping

Free Consultations

We offer very flexible consultation appointments and do our best to fit around busy schedules.

Our professional advice accommodates the family's lifestyle and budget every time. Everything is priced at the Recommended Retail Price. At the end of the consultation a complete list of items including nursery equipment, travel items, mother's essentials and accessories will be compiled and will be ready to be ordered. With the parents' approval our team will organise the purchases and decide on a convenient delivery date.

We advise that you ideally book in for a consultation during the Second Trimester, between 5 to 6 months of pregnancy. This will allow us to have everything ordered, delivered and set up in good time.

To book your consultation or for further information, please call or email: T: 01276 423 452. E: info@thebabyservice.com

*A consultation with us is complimentary when meeting the minimum purchase requirement.

The Baby Service - Nursery Pushchairs Furniture and Newborn Gift Ideas


Once we receive all the ordered items, we will have them delivered to the parents chosen delivery address.

Upon request we can also assemble all of baby's items (including baby's furniture and pushchairs) and also provide a box disposal service for your newly purchased items if desired. Any special requests for delivery will also be taken care of.

There is no need for mummies to lift a finger! This should be an enjoyable time for all mummies and daddies.

Over the past couple of years Aman became an integral part of our family planning in Surrey. Always available with a smile and smart advice. Her creative method allowed us to enhance our child’s development and safety in the household. She has our appreciation and friendship.
From the moment I stepped in to The Baby Service I felt at ease and in very safe hands.
Whilst I was pregnant, expecting my first child I met with Aman who talked me through everything to help me be best prepared for the arrival of my little one.
Victoria Vigar
As soon as i finished my consultation with Aman, i felt like i had all the pressure of preparing for a newborn completely lifted off me. I could finally start to feel excited for the future.
Jessica Sims