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Joolz x Filling Pieces Geo3 Twin Pushchair


Joolz and Filling Pieces have joined hands to bridge the gap between families and fashion. United, the two brands have reimagined the Joolz Geo3 pushchair, drawing inspiration from the iconic varsity jacket, a sports classic and a symbol of community.

From the great outdoors to cobblestone streets, the Geo3 Duo has got you covered.

All-season protection in the cot and the seat, alongside puncture-proof wheels, make off-roading feel like a walk in the park. The most sturdy and spacious stroller, it’s ready to grow with your family, offering unlimited expansion possibilities.

The Joolz Geo3 Duo is perfect for any family with two little ones. Simply attach the lower adapters to accommodate a carrycot in the lower position of the stroller, click on the extra bumper bar and sun hood and you're good to go as a Duo stroller. (Upper adapters are available separately if you want to put the cot on the upper position of the stroller.)


  • Large Basket - The largest stroller basket on the market with 15kilos of space
  • Year-round protection - Stay comfy no matter the season with an integrated summer seat, water repellent fabrics, cot ventilation and windshield.
  • Overnight Sleeper cot
  • One hand recline
  • One hand cot release

What's in the box:

  • 1x Geo3 Chassis
  • 2x Geo3 Seat
  • 2x Geo3 Carrycot
  • 2x Sun hood
  • 2x Bumper bar
  • 1x Set of wheels + wheel caps
  • 1x Set of duo adapters Upper
  • 1x Set of duo adapters Lower
  • 1x Raincover