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Janod - Square Stacking Pyramid Ultra Cute Animals


We have run out of stock for this item.

 This toy is all about building the tallest tower you can - and then knocking it down again!

Little kids will absolutely love it! They will have hours of fun practicing stacking and building using this pretty cardboard pyramid, which is perfect for kids aged 12 months and over.

They’ll have a great time stacking the 10 pieces, starting with the largest and building up to the smallest to make a magnificent, pastel-coloured tower.

And what’s more, the ultra-cute pictures on each piece, featuring penguins, jaguars, bears and elephants, are bound to melt baby’s heart, too!

The pieces are also numbered from 1 to 10 to help baby start learning to count. As baby has fun building, stacking and immersing themselves in a beautiful world of their own, they will develop their motor skills and imagination.

  • Made of Cardboard
  • For ages 12M +