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BabyBjorn Mini 3D Mesh Baby Carrier - Anthracite Leopard

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The BabyBjorn Mini 3D Mesh Baby Carrier in Anthracite Leopard is designed for optimal support and comfort for newborns. It's lightweight and ergonomic for frequent baby-wearing sessions, and offers adjustable shoulder straps and a 3D breathable mesh fabric.

The entire front section can be unfastened to gently lift out your sleeping baby, while a wide panel provides optimal support to the hips, legs and back, ensuring a natural C curve of the spine.

  • Use from newborn - 11kg
  • Carry facing in or facing out on your front - facing out from 5 months
  • Hands-free
  • Small + compact
  • Soft against the skin + flexible
  • Sturdy with adjustable head support
  • Soft fabrics gently hug your baby’s back, legs + hips